Pizza Hut in Portugal

While I make it mandatory to eat like the locals on my foreign trips, on this particular day I was pressed for time near a train station in Sintra, just outside Lisbon. I could eat a leisurely lunch and miss the bus to Cascais or see what Pizza Hut in Portugal was like. I chose the later. Besides, who’s to say locals don’t go to Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut Portugal
What a fancy Pizza Hut!

I thought it would be similar to what a Pizza Hut is like at US airports, but this was not the case. It was more like a Chipotle or other fast casual chain in the states. I sat down and a waiter brought me a menu. (I know, right!)

I ordered a veggie individual pan pizza, which was served in a small skillet. Even though the restaurant looked different, the pizza itself did not. One difference from the US is that corn is one of the a standard veggie toppings. It still had that “too perfect” round shape and uniformity that comes from mass production. Every bite seemed oily, although it seemed like the grease was coming from the slab of bread instead of the cheese.

The taste was slightly better than what I would expect in the states, probably because I didn’t buy it from a cheap cardboard box under hot lights at an airport, which is the only circumstance I would buy Pizza Hut pizza when in my own country. Overall, if you’re in Portugal and short on time, Pizza Hut is less bad than in the states, but still bad.

Last Day Pizza: Riki’s of Stamford

Today was a co-worker’s last day and I heard pizza would be ordered for the staff. I was excited. I knew that people in my office actually have good taste, as opposed to when I lived in Denver and this usually meant Domino’s or something else equally horrifying.

I don’t know Stamford pizza at all, but I’ve been told that Colony is the best. We didn’t get Colony, but Riki’s, which is some sort of officially sanctioned copy of Colony. Stamford is an odd town. I can’t imagine this situation working out at all anywhere else.

The shape seems a little cookie-cutter
The shape seems a little cookie-cutter

At first glance I found the pizza underwhelming. The cheese looked nice but as a whole the shape seemed too perfect, and it was so thin it seemed to lack substance. The taste was above average, although I found the sauce a little bland and what little crust there was had become a little soggy during transit. The star of the pie was really the cheese, and it was definitely good cheese. I wish it had been a little less greasy, but with this sauce/cheese/crust ratio, that’s really not possible.

My co-workers rated it “good”, lacking the proper pizza terminology to adequately describe the details. (Go ahead, give me sh*t for that.)

I would like to try the real Colony pizza and eat it at the location. Then I will be able to evaluate the full experience in all its glory.