Marco Polo Pizza: Working Lunch

I asked our staff their opinions on delivery pizza lunch from Marco Polo Pizza & Italian Restaurant, and the overwhelming response was a very non-descriptive “Good”. In my mind, this means “average”. Saying that a pizza is “good” is such a copout.

C’mon people, more detail please! Marco pizza

“Anything with bread and cheese is good.”

“The crust was thin and slightly burnt – a little overdone. The pie was not evenly sliced.”

“My enthusiasm was tempered by the temperature of the pizza on arrival.”

“Marco has good pizza but the trip across town takes away from it.”

One outlier comment came from a staff member who rated the margarita pizza slice the best of its kind she ever had. I have to chalk this up to the fact that she is originally from China, and perhaps has a different pizza palette than the rest of us.