Kitchen Zinc: A Safe Bet for Good Pizza

I first went to Kitchen Zinc in the spring of 2012, a few months before I moved back to New Haven. It’s not the best place in New Haven for pizza, but if it was located in almost an other town it probably would be.

On this particular night, I couldn’t feed my cat because he was having a procedure the next day.  I felt extremely guilty and opted to eat dinner out. As luck would have it, I hit the Happy Hour deal and got the special Tomato Pie and a beer for $12!

kitchen-zincThe pizza looked delicious, as it always does, although a this particular pie was a little greasy. Other than tomato and mozzarella cheese, this creation included roasted garlic, basil pesto, mozzarella, fontina, and was topped with herb salad. To be honest, I didn’t notice the basil pesto.

While the Tomato Pie didn’t disappoint, I wish there had been more mozz and less fontina. Also I think arugula or spinach would have been a better choice over the salad, which wound up getting stuck in my teeth.

There are other pizza styles I like better at Kitchen Zinc, but this one was still a good dinner. And for a $7 Happy Hour special, what a deal!

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