IGA Pizza Stands For “It’s Gross All Right”

I saw the featured freezer full of IGA single serving frozen pizzas priced to sell at $1.49 each. It seemed like a dare to me!

IGA pizza
It’s Gross All Right!


I mean, I didn’t have to eat the whole thing, right? And this would sort of even out my splurge on the Ionian Awakening that cost $8.49 and was basically just bread. So into the cart it went!

Knowing full well the only chance of it being edible was to use the toaster oven, I unwrapped the frozen circle and prepared for the worst. I got it. The best way to describe the crust would be like a microwaved matzoh, the sauce cheap tomato paste, the cheese completely devoid of flavor.

IGA – It’s Gross All Right.