American Flatbread, Ionian Awakening: Pizza?

American FlatbreadThe box proclaims, “Handmade Thin & Crispy Pizza Baked in a Wood-Fired Oven”. I would really like to know what person is making frozen pizzas by hand, or how far the legal description can be stretched to fit the marketing copy.

In any case, I fell for the delightful looking box. I’m ashamed to say I paid $8.99 for what was closer to bruschetta than pizza. I think it was the photo of nice olives that drew me in. In reality what I got was maybe one olive shredded into 20 pieces dispersed across the flatbread, with minimal cheese and onion. The box also says there is “homemade tomato sauce” which I totally missed. Whose home did it come from?

Ionian AwakeningLooking at the photo, it doesn’t seem half bad. And it did taste good! But just not much substance.

Ionian awakening? I was sure awakened, but not by any uhm, Ions? Ionites? I was awakened by my own gullibility. At least the bread was good.

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