Buy a Couch; Eat Pizza — Jordan’s

blaze_signageI needed to buy a new chair and couldn’t resist going to the new Jordan’s furniture on Long Wharf Drive. Plus Blaze Fast-Fired pizza was inside and it was lunch time!

The pizza restaurant, ice cream shop, and Connecticut’s largest indoor ropes course are situated at the back of Jordan’s. The “it” area, as I think it’s called. It was dark, loud, and glowing back there, kind of like an arcade. I had no hope for good pizza.

The pizza is prepared kind of like at Red Tomado, where it’s flash cooked in just a few minutes. You have to stand around and wait for your name to be called, and it’s kind of hard to hear, due to the loudness factor. I wound up grabbing someone else’s pizza because the person at the counter looked at me when they said a name. Then two minutes later said person came looking for me, took the pizza away, and gave it to the guy standing next to him.

Blaze pizza
It was a “meh” plus

When I finally received my pizza, which was about 5 minutes later, I was hungry and more hopeful about the possible quality. The pizza had an exceptionally thin crust which I enjoyed, but it seemed bland even though I had them put some spices on it. The tomato sauce didn’t seem to have much Italian flavor and while the dough was crisp it was unremarkable. But considering that it’s pizza in a furniture store, not bad really!

If you’re buying furniture at Jordan’s or doing the ropes course, by all means get yourself some pizza. But don’t stop off there just to get it.

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