Ernie’s: Yelp is Wrong

It’s the last day of 2015ernies_inside and to celebrate a friend and I went to Ernie’s, a place in her Westville neighborhood that had great ratings online.

When we walked in, it was clear that this place hadn’t been renovated in quite some time. Kitsch can be fun and weren’t turned off by the bouquets of fake flowers on the wall, framed prints from the 80s, or brown upholstered booths and chairs. There were a few people waiting to pick up orders, but we were the only dine-ins.

We ordered a salad to start off with, and it didn’t quite look fresh. I wondered if it had come from a bag. We were given paper plates to eat off of and plastic cups to drink out of, which seems a little cheap.

When I first saw the pizza I was a little disappointed. We got half eggplant and the eggplant part just looked awful, like it was floating on top of the pizza and not a real part of it. It was also breaded and fried which is totally unnecessary. When eating those slices I elected to remove the eggplant entirely.

ernies_pizzaAt first I liked the cheese, but after it cooled off it seemed to get gummy. My friend pointed out that it was actually yellow mozzarella instead of white, which is unusual. She also noted that the dough tasted like it might have been purchased instead of freshly made.

After some discussion, we decided that Ernie’s was probably a place that had been in one family for quite some time and the current managers had probably let things go. It would be great for an episode of Restaurant Impossible. Otherwise it’s only average or a bit below average.

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