Red Baron Classic Crust 4 Cheese Pizza

Red Baron boxThe other day I was thinking about an ex-boyfriend who really liked Red Baron pizza, and we ate a lot of it. At the time I thought it was best of the frozen pizza choices available at our supermarket in Denver. I hadn’t had it in quite some time, so it seemed like a perfect fit for a review.

I never really thought too much about the name in the past, but lately I’ve wondered… what is the rationale for the reference to a World War II German flying ace? The website will surely tell the story, I thought. It turns out I thought wrong… there was no explanation.

Red Baron 4 Cheese
Not as appealing as I remembered.

Taking the pizza out of the oven, I was disappointed. This was not what I remembered. It looked more like pizza that might be served in an elementary school cafeteria. My first bite reminded me of a saying from an old Simpson’s episode in which Marge proudly proclaims, “The secret ingredient is salt!”.

As there are many varieties of Red Baron pizza, I’m wondering if this was a different one than I liked in the past. Or maybe Denver was so lacking in good pizza options that I was a bit delusional.

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