Weight Watchers Smart Ones: Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

I know that microwaveable frozen pizza is bad… especially the “light” varieties. But Reviews of Pizza is no pizza snob! There will be no discrimination based on quality, since real life circumstances dictate that we can’t be eating gourmet pizza everyday.

Smart Ones Thin Crust
Should a pizza described as “crispy-thin” bend like this?

The box promises “a blend of reduced fat cheeses with a tangy tomato sauce on a crispy-thin crust”. Since the Lean Cuisine frozen pizza I reviewed recently was far too doughy, I found theĀ “crispy-thin” description tantalizing. This could be the answer to the dough woes!

When I took it out of the box, I was a little disappointed. There’s just not much to it because it is SSsssooooo flat! Honestly the box is twice as thick as it should be to contain food that’s thinner than my iPhone 5. After microwaving, I had planned to cut it in half but then decided it was unnecessary because there was so little substance.

As for the “crispy-thin” crust… uhhh, well, I would say the result tastes like a steamed cracker. Tangy tomato sauce? Well, if you consider tomato paste tangy you’re in luck!


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