Grand Apizza: a blind taste test at The Grove

Having a slice of pizza on your own is one thing, but pizza is much better shared! It’s a chance to talk about what you like or don’t like, what your favorite pizza place is, and exchange local knowledge.

My dad managed a pizza place in New Haven for about 30 years that was excellent, but overshadowed by other more well known places like Peppe’s and Sally’s. I wondered if knowing where a pizza came from would influence how it was perceived, and decided to conduct a blind pizza taste test!

Grand Grove
Grand Apizza at The Grove. Thanks for your help with the survey everyone!

Ten co-workers at The Grove were given a slice without knowing who made it and asked to answer a seven question online survey. The results are in, and Grand Apizza is pretty good! I have to agree, they are near my house and I wouldn’t think about ordering from any other nearby pizza establishment.

The sauce seemed to be the most impressive element of the pizza, getting slightly higher marks than the cheese and crust. Seven out of ten respondents selected “fresh” and “sweet” as adjectives to describe it. No one thought it was bland.

Here’s a link to the complete survey results.

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