Abate Restaurant: blind taste test at The Grove

“It’s something I would eat after a hangover.”

62% found this cheese pizza from Abate's Restaurant greasy.
62% found this cheese pizza from Abate’s Restaurant greasy.

With eight responses in, the overall rating for Abate Restaurant’s cheese pizza is a 3.75 on a scale of 1 (awful) to 5 (amazing). The equivalent of a C+ or B-.

“Nice thin crust, just the right amount of cheese.”

When it comes to the specific elements of crust, sauce, and cheese, opinions differed quite a bit. One person selected “amazing” for the crust while most others only rated it “OK”. The cheese was most commonly rated “pretty good” while I personally rated it “not good”.

The reason for this discrepancy may be the level of grease. Two-thirds of those surveyed selected the word “greasy” to describe Abate’s pizza… I’m not a fan of this style. The next most popular descriptor was “fresh” (50%) followed by “bland” (37.5%).

The most popular scenario for eating this pizza is “the restaurant is downstairs and I am starving” (85%), while no one said it “a place to take an out of town friend who wanted to try New Haven pizza”.

View the complete results of the survey.

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