Pizza on the run: Red Tomado

After a job interview that ran late (for a good reason), I realized I would have nothing to make for lunch when I got home. Mentally reviewing my quick, nearby options, I decided to give Red Tomado a try. I heard they make custom pizzas, Chipotle-style, that are out of a special oven in 2 minutes!

Red Tomado pizza
Ready in two minutes, amazing!

When I arrived the staff could sense I was a new customer and gave me the low-down. All pizzas come in a standard 12-inch size, and you can either choose your own ingredients or pick from a few pre-designed options. I chose to make my own and went with marinara sauce (other options included BBQ sauce, Buffalo sauce, or pesto), eggplant, red peppers, and black olives.

At first bite, I liked the pizza, but it’s definitely not typical New Haven style, and realistically it’s not intended to be. It was quite doughy and the only crispness was in a few places on the crust. I thought the sauce seemed bland, but that may be my own fault. You are given the option to add oregano, garlic, and some other spices and I elected not to.

I think this restaurant is a good fast fresh option for downtown New Haven. However, it may not satisfy the refined palette of the city’s pizza elite.

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