Pizza flavored Pringles: as bad as it sounds

In honor of this new venture, I was inspired to purchase a can of Pizza flavored Pringles at CVS. I knew they would be bad, but I was curious to see how bad.pringlespizza

My first thought was… Where’s the pizza flavoring? Do you need to eat more than one at a time? I upped the ante to three chips. A tinge of pizza flavor was detected, mostly tomato. In a blind taste test, I don’t think very many people would identify these chips as pizza flavored.

The appearance of the chips was perhaps the best part. I admire the seemingly random spray patterns of tomato flavoring, leaving the untouched areas to represent cheese.

Overall, I can’t recommend this chip. If you want to buy a can of Pringles there are better flavors. If you want pizza, eating this “pizza flavored” snack is not going to satisfy your craving.